Where to eat in Paris Lunch time

So the long-awaited series about restaurants. There are so many restaurants in Paris that I will do few articles for sure.

Today I will tell you where to go for lunch and as well you can apply it for dinner.

A few words about lunch time in Paris. Lunch time in Paris in Restaurants starts from 12.30 and until 2.30 -15.00. Depends on the place, but the kitchen at 15.00 – 16.00 is already closed and except of tea, coffee and light snacks and drinks you will not be able to get some food. This rule does not always work, and not everywhere, but the French have their own diet, just like the Spaniards, so keep that in mind.

If you want to have lunch in a special place, check the time of work for lunch, or even better book a table.

So the magic of French cuisine and institutions is not in lush and rich interiors, but quite the contrary in simplicity and modesty. They value institutions for food and quality of service, and not for decoration. For someone, it may seem unusual, but still.

You will always be politely greeted and put to the table. The waiters will always be well dressed in a shirt, vest, trousers, apron, butterfly or tie. Most waiters are adult men, women meet much less often, depending on the place.

While you wait for the order, you will always be offered water carafe d’eau, this is tap water, it is brought free of charge and you can ask to update. If you ask for plat (without gas) or gazeuse (with gas) it will be bottled water, which will be included in the bill.

And of course bread will be served (usually in good restaurants it is baked by themselves), butter and you will have fun … 😅 just be carful with it cause after week of this kind of entertainment you can put on wait.


Let’s start with my favorite, healthy place, which is located near the Luxembourg Park. This is Judy.

In this cafe they have all the bio products, gluten-free menu, they specialize in healthyl food and desserts. Here you will find a match tea, coffe and vegetable milk. Almond milk cold pressed, they cook themselves every morning. Various useful cocktails with spirulina, a diverse selection of smoothies.

Lunch is served from 12.00 to 16.00, after which you can enjoy drinks and snacks in a varied menu.

The place is very light and cozy, I often come there to work and the staff is very nice and welcoming. By the way, the totalbeautylab course program was written there!

In a cafe with you they will speak English, and the attitude towards you will not change. Forget the myth that in France they hate English speakers. Paris is one of the most visited cities of our planet!


Another of the favorite places Les éditeurs

Located near the station Odeon. Our family adores this place. There is always tasty, excellent service and good quality products. I recommend to pay attention to Plat du jour (this dish of the day). What are the benefits:

  • It will always be fresh;
  • Every day it is different;
  • The price is much lower than in the menu map.

I order it very often, since many items on the menu have already been tried and I want a variety. Also, during the day, Shares operate, called Formule (entre + plat, which means snack + main course or plat + dessert, main course + dessert) the price is 21 ~ 22 euros. It is lower than just a few dishes from the menu.

The French always ask for carafe d’eau, it is the carafe of water, wrote above. And usually they eat and drink water, or wine. About vine will not tell you today I, since I do not drink. I recognize the rating of delicious wines for you and write a separate article about it!

For everyone who love snails for lunch you can find them near the station Les Halles in the institution L’Escargot Montorgueil. Then you can take a walk to the Hôtel de Ville or go shopping in the shopping center Les Halles.

Dine at the Trocadero, you can in Carette. Place with tasty food and also super crowded. The menu and prices can be checked at http://www.carette-paris.fr/gallerie/

Café du commerce, very famous and delicious. Works from 12 to 15 and from 19 to 00.

Book a table in advance.

In Chez Julien is very tasty food, here on a beautiful sunny day we celebrated the day of our wedding, the official part. Not the party itself 😝. It just happened at lunch time and we booked a table in advance on the terrace and enjoyed a delicious meal in a cozy company!

Finish the oysters. I adore them both for lunch and dinner. In the Istr oyster bar, you can enjoy the excellent quality of seafood and try oysters cooked in different variations. Opening hours 12.00 – 14.30, 18.00 – 20.00.

Delicious meals for you and dinners, but for dinner you will find the next selection! ❤️