Want her life or how not to loose yourself?

Another cool topic for conversation. Let’s try to understand it better. On the one hand, there is nothing bad in this installation when we want something better and bigger, but until it is healthy.  You remember I like to searching for answers, understand them deeply. And if to be honest to yourself…

When you want everything like others, you live the lives of others.

The first course #totalbeautylab showed that women have problems with understanding themselves, with understanding their desires.

When you are constantly copying someone, you completely exhaust yourself and your resource. Because there are no women identical, and we are all different and everyone knows how to do everything well in their own way. This theme can be applied to any area of ​​your life. 


What  destructive thoughts you should be afraid of  ?

▪️oh she has a good husband, attentive, it is not fair!

▪️What a figure, in any way she is naturally  thin, I will never be like that.

▪️What a hair does she have, well, yes, she goes to the salons all the time …, I would have had the same too, if I had spent so much on money on mine.

▪️It is so beautiful at her house, and I want to have the same.

▪️How many fancy clothes does she has, but she has a lot of money, so she buys everything. I also want to have the same, I also want more money.

In general – it is so destructive thinking ….

I think everyone can catch herself on the same thoughts, witch we even don’t pay attention. It can be different topics : about someone’s  car, the apartment, the man, the things, the hair, the figures, the teeth, the nose, the cut of the eyes, the lips, the chest and I can write the whole list.

Of course, you can think so …. and kill yourself, destroy and merge yourself …

And you can think differently.

First, admire other people.

Second, be inspired by them!

The third is to find yourself, find what exactly you want from all of this!

Constructive thinking:

▪️What kind of  human qualities does she  have that she was able to build such strong trusting relationships. What do I need to learn? What is in it her that I don’t have it inside me?

▪️What does she do to be in shape, what are her secrets, recipes? What knowledge do I need to change my figure.

▪️What she did for the hair, maybe a problem with the hair is health problem. Maybe you need to go to the doctor, because hair is an indicator of health.

▪️What a beautiful house, cool, it’s inspiring, in my own way I will try to decorate my space. I wanted for a long time to buy a new blanket and a new vases. Now I know what to change.

▪️What a beautiful clothes.

You can also make yourself similar outfits from various brands, for little money. Subscribe to blogs, get inspired. Try what fits you. Buy finally for yourself a basic wardrobe.

Instead of copying, create yourself! So you will develop a healthy attitude towards other girls, you will not be afraid to admire beautiful women with your man, you will look better and you will never be afraid of competition. And never be afraid to ask questions, and learn! #totalbeauty_selflove