About Goals and Motivations. Or What Is In The Egg?

I want to talk about motivation, internal engines and dispel some myths!

First, and most importantly, LAZINESS – there is absolutely no such thing, there is a lack of motivation and a lack of ideas. Do not know where to move – you need to prioritize, write your plans and goals, ask yourself important questions:
“What will it give you?”, “What do you need this for?”

The simplest example:
“I want to get married”. Why do you want to get married? Yes, I just want to quickly drop out of my parents! So maybe you just need to rent an apartment and move and start living alone? 🙂

“I want to leave my parents home!” Why? I have problems with my mum, can not get along together! Of course, on the surface it ll solve the problem, but it ll not solve the conflict with mother – in any form.

Our brain always has a lot of denials and excuses. That’s the purpose of “getting married”, we converted to the goal of “living separately”. Everything is very simple. With each goal you can do the same thing, and most importantly what feelings and emotions does this goal give us, what is behind it? 🙂


The girl is buying a new dress for a date, not because she has nothing to wear, but to be more confident. Buying a new vase or decor, we get a state of comfort, coziness and satisfaction. We go to English only when there is a clear motivation for what it is needed and what it will give. Just go to English because of fashion trends or to Chinese to become more erudite – this is not the goal, hold out no more than a month. Goals should be clear and understandable and necessary with a time frame.
If your goal is not just a goal, but something abstract and blurry, then ask yourself the question “what will it give me?” And ask until you feel what is hidden “in the egg”?

As in an old Russian fairy tale:
a needle in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, a hare in a casket, a casket hanging in chains on an oak tree that grows on a black mountain or on a remote island of Buyan.
So what about “in the egg”? What is the value?!

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