True Laziness or Truth about Laziness

For me the concept of “laziness” does not exist, already wrote about this in its Instagram.
But all the same, from a psychological point of view, let’s understand, when does this state arise, when you know what you need, and can not start straight “hands do not rise”!

So about the purpose and motivation is an article who has not read it, it’s here 

The real reason for this terrible word “laziness” is one = The discrepancy between our intentions, goals, objectives, aspirations, etc. – our true needs.

In this case, when our activities correspond to our actual needs at the moment, then “laziness” generally can not exist, everything is smooth, you are waking up and doing, there is no internal conflict. You do everything very quickly and purposefully, this is “how to want to go to the toilet,” where you go, you are not too lazy?

I also wrote that if you are too lazy to do something and you do not go, then you deal with trash ideas . And everything tells you that “Dear friend, stop, do not go there, do not go there!

This is an intrapersonal conflict or conflict of needs, when laziness is a form of resistance to the body.
Instead of your true needs and needs, you want to satisfy the secondary.
Instead of running to the toilet, you turn on the TV and start watching the movie. Absurd, but it’s true!

In order to get ourselves into another state, to release energy and still engaged in business, we carry out the following steps:

1. We realize our needs!
We stop instead of again doing some nonsense and ask ourselves:
What do I need now?

When you ask yourself, you become the position of the controlling person, who manages his emotions and actions. We form a new habit, this is not always easy, especially if you are accustomed to switching to unnecessary business for years, but everything is possible!

2. Make a choice consciously and responsibly.
I will explain, you consciously and with full responsibility choose or do not choose the satisfaction of your current needs or true important tasks. You give yourself an conformation of what you are not doing (do not go to the toilet) because it’s normal, you can wait another half a day 😂

Asking questions to yourself, you will deprive yourself of many problems. I will also write about supporting techniques, but I wanted to start from depths.


I wish you more productive days in your life. Share your insights and comments ?!