Stockholm and Fika. Sweden story

It turned out that a lot of what I love comes from Sweden.

And enough would be VOLVO, Ikea, Cos, but no …

After visiting Stockholm, he took his naturality oh as a lot of place in a heart.

Below is a list of what made my trip so warm and memorable.

The island of Djurgården.

There are about 7 museums, including top Vasa, Junibacken and Skansen, galleries, circus, amusement park (founded in 1880). You can choose a cultural program according to your mood, combine it with walks in the beautiful park, look at the ancient estates.

Getting to the island is most interesting on the ferry from the station Slussen.


Skansen is one of the first open-air museums in the world.

In houses and manors 18-20 century (and there are more than 150) you can see how people lived in those times. Original workshops, schools, farms and so on. You go in the store, and you there meets the seller in a suit 18 century and tells how much you can buy.

In addition, there is also a zoo of domestic and wild animals in Sweden.


The island of Sodermalm.

It is called Stockholm Brooklyn. This area is full of bars and nightclubs, reflects, so to speak, the real life of the Swedes. On the bridge Vesterbroun you can get to the island of Longholm, where for a long time there were prisons. Now this is a popular recreation area, and wonderful views of the city.


Fotografiska museet – a photography museum, founded by Annie Leibovitz.

The place where the museum is located, a building, exhibitions, a bar on the top floor – all perfectly.



We were lucky:

  • see the work of Swedish photographer Paul Hansen, some of them are devoted to Ukraine.
  • in the museum store to buy, finally, photos for our interior.
  • walk along the evening embankment.

The museum, by the way, is open from 9 to 23, sometimes up to one o’clock in the morning.




Fika! Our favorite entertainment.

Swedes drink a lot of coffee, and naturally combine it with delicious. Of the popular one is the Princess cake, and, of course, a cinnamon roll. We arranged a fake in Vete-Katten, a pretty cafe that has existed since 1928 and Chokladfabriken.




Will walk along the streets of the old city, pay attention and book table. The restaurant was created by two friends who create real art.

Set menus, an unusual combination of tastes, only Swedish traditional ingredients, and very friendly atmosphere. It was here that I tasted moose and smoked butter, and all this was thin and exquisite …





This is the main thing that got me hooked. And so, there is still a delicious herring and Mitbols, walks in the City and royal residences. Charming sleeping areas, where there are no curtains in the houses on the windows, a group of daddies walking with children, feeling of care for you and the value of light. Everywhere.

Alina Kravchenko  @alipatchouli