Spring spirit in fashion

Here we are on the verge of spring-time renewal of nature … and not only. We also want novelty and freshness, that’s why, by spring, many of us like to update our hairstyle, wardrobe or even change the image. And today I want to talk about the trends of the upcoming season, so that you can quickly map out the things you liked and have time to order for your beloved by the 8th of March (ahah, artful stylist).

In fact, what we will wear in the spring-summer season, designers define long before the New Year (therefore, smart and enterprising can get the coveted items already under the Christmas tree). But in the stores collections only appear by the end of winter. Someone prepares in advance, looking through reports from (fronts) of fashion shows, preserving the images they liked and rustling in the shops in search of similar things. However, most still do not so fanatically approach the issue and trust the taste of buyers who make purchases for their favorite stores or rely on their own preferences.
I like to say that blindly follow the fashion, as well as not follow it at all, is stupid. Therefore, before the thorough purchases I advise you to check with the trends of the season. It’s absolutely not necessary to use them all, just choose one or two to create a new image or dilute the existing sets with fresh notes and accents.

So, what is worth paying attention this spring:

1) Pastel colors, led by a lilac. How to wear? Pastel colors are wonderfully combined. Lilac and blue or pink or peach, tender greens or yellow. Couple you will choose . And could we combine them all together? You can make a beautiful graduation and shade pastel lilac more saturated lavender or dark purple.

2) And you can use the next trend of the season by making a monochrome image, that is, where all the elements will be the same color. This stylistic reception is very convenient, if you have a particular color in the wardrobe. Let’s say there is a suit and a purse of Marsala color. It remains only to find shoes. Using the method of one color in the whole image, I recommend paying attention to different textures: the leather is textured and smooth, nubuck and suede, knitwear and silk. Use as many different invoices as possible so that the image is not boring.

3) Animal print. Yes, yes, he’s back in fashion again. Although it seems to me that he did not leave it. If this trend appeals to you, but dare to it full-scale to you scary (and yes whether it is necessary?), I suggest starting with a small (shoes, clutch, scarf or pouch for mobile). In this case, you can add these things as bright spots to almost any bow.

4) Another fashionable in this season print-cell of any shape and size. If you look carefully, I think it can be found in any cabinet, so there will be no problems with this item.

5) For those who do not have a single print in the image, designers suggest several prints at the same time. This topic is commemorative and worthy of a separate material, and I promise to share it with you soon. But in brief I will note that the basis of harmony is similarity. That is, the combined prints should be combined with something, for example color (red strip and red flowers) or belong to one group (geometry: strip and peas).

6) From print to the texture. In this season, the couturier offers us to bare ourselves a bit more than usual, using transparent fabrics in clothes. Well, quite an interesting contrast after the cold winter. Seems to me, a strong half of humanity, tired of winter multilayeredness and baggy, will appreciate the idea of ​​designers.

7) Sequins are still not out of fashion and if before we saw them then on tops, then on skirts this season designers suggest to put on scales from head to toe. Overalls or a dress in paillettes, what is not a solution for going out?

8) Fringe. A long fringe is in many ways extravagant, but in the spring of 2018 it can not be dispensed with. In the next season, it can be as fluffy and long and even become a replacement for the whole dress, or simply sit on the hem of the dress or skirt.

9) Regarding cut, at the peak of fashion in this spring-summer season asymmetry. Of course, the future spring assumes all kinds of risks and asymmetric cuts can be brought to the limit, but at the same time, asymmetry can be unobtrusive. The choice is yours.

10) Male cutting. If you notice, then every year the line between women’s and men’s things is eroding more and more. What to hide, I myself run into the men’s departments for interesting shirts and sweatshirt. In the same season, designers offer us to wear suits, jackets and coats of men’s cut and this is one more step towards agent-making fashion. Most beneficial they will look at the fragile girls, emphasizing their miniature.


Our style’s expert Vlada Vasilevskaya  @vlada_vasilevskaya