Simple Time Management Techniques

How to do everything on time?

Delegation is really the most important thing. Do not even try to do something for what you do not have time. Simply delegate this task to professional who better understands this question than you. And thus person will do it with quickly, more qualitatively with joy and happiness. Save your time and your nerves.

“You do not have to carry all the chairs at the same time.” Do not clutch all at once and give out promises to everybody. Each has its own borders and its own area of ​​responsibility and, believe me, the planet will not stop without you. This is useful for those people who works in the office and can not put things on a “pause”.

We work in the priority mode!
It’s also useful for girls who are staying with kids and housewives.

Write a to-do list 📝

  1. Important and urgent tasks – tasks with the dead line, urgent tasks.
  2. Important and non-urgent tasks are the preparation of new projects, planning, “cleaning up the postponed tasks”, establishing relations.
  3. Unimportant and urgent – correspondence, correspondence on Viber/WhatsApp, discussion of forthcoming projects.
    Unimportant and non-urgent – Instagram, videos in facebook, advertising, YouTube – it’s devouring time, unnecessary videos, stupid videos and photos.:)
  4. To calculate the time spent in the phone, 📱 you can use the applications Moment IOS, Menthal – Android.
    We write everything that needs to be done, and as soon as something is decided – we do it right away.

I thought – I called – I signed up✔️✔️✔️

It is necessary to congratulate someone with Birthday ➡️ thought ➡️ called ➡️ congratulated ✔️

The same with rest! Be productive!

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