Selfies & Likes & Social networks

It is a pity that today happiness is measured by the number of subscribers and likes under a photo in Instagram, Facebook. Virtual and real world can not be divided, since social networks and the Internet have already become an integral part of our lives. We work, check mail and messages several dozen per day, using our gadgets. And the time spent in social networks has already become a familiar part of our being.

What is a like, it’s not just a heart, let’s look deeper?

Everyone likes it when people praise us. It’s a habit from childhood. Answered correctly in the lesson? Sit down, five. Scored ?! Cool guy. Helped grandmother cross the road? A real man.

We grew up and marks with teachers stayed in the past. And a habit left ?!
In real life you need real achievements and goals.

Like – virtual praise, as if someone gives a pat on the head, hugged. This heart gives a sense of importance, confidence and compensates love for many people.

That love, that parents did not give in childhood. The number of likes also compensates for praise and give self-confidence.
For some, likes simply help “feed the ego.”
Those who are not satisfied with themselves and their lives, tries to put
“Dust in the eyes” in social networks with beautiful stories, witch one, unfortunately, doesn’t have anything common with true life . And sometimes their photos and description under them, it’s just a fairy tale in which they want to believe.
I am personally know some people whose pages are very different from real life. And there are many people like that.

Sometimes this dependence can destroy relationships and even marriage.

Let’s separate the valuable from the secondary.

I like to think over so that everything can be used for harm as well as for good. Remember, you can heat with the fire, or a fire can crush.

You are in danger if:
✔️ every hour you need to put something up, check the number of comments and all the photos taken are absolutely indiscriminately flying to the social network.
✔️ when there is an urgent need to be on the network, connect to wi-fi to check the number of likes and comments.
✔️ when you can not fall asleep without watching the news feed, while going to the pages of everyone who pisses you off, annoying and whose life gives you no peace.
✔ whenever you have lunch, breakfast and dinner with your lovely, you are sitting in the phone.

Be mindful: 

✔️ Paphos and artificial photos cause only disgust.
✔️ Not always the life of someone you like, such as you imagine. Do not create idols for yourself. Everyone has his own way and life lessons.
✔️ Think about objects of your imitation less and less, you give them your energy, thinking about them.
✔️ If you notice that you spend a lot of time on someone’s page and it’s just an “empty” look at the photo, think about what useful you can spend this time. For example, you can start exercising at home, you will have beautiful body and will be less sick.
✔️ If someone makes you envious, analyze what irritates you in this person (what are you jealous of) and think about what you can do now to improve and achieve similar results.
✔️ Search for social networks only useful, only what is interesting and you need for something. What inspires and motivates.
Want to study at home – fitness blogs to help. Want to cook delicious – there are pages with culinary recipes.
You want to make diy, pages of stylists, make-up artists, interior designs to help you. Squeeze the maximum of using network!
✔️ In my family there is an unspoken rule – all meals without a phone. And all the evening out – without the Internet. An excellent occasion to enjoy time with each other.
✔️ And just imagine how much you can be more effective without a phone. In his personal life, in a relationship with your beloved, parents and your family. After all at the same time you can give your caress, care and love and your children and relatives probably would like to spend less time in social and get virtual love from someone 💖