Interview with fashion designer Arina Boganova on the shooting for her Lookbook in Paris

My first meeting with the creative brand  Arina_Boganova_Design  began with the idea to shoot their collection in Paris.

The girls were looking for a team to fulfill their dreams.

They were very well prepared: carefully chose the model, brought their dresses and costumes, carefully selected each look.

The model came to do makeup very early, outside the window it was still dark. It is always the most unnorving moment when you do not know what kind of weather to expect.

All was successful, the makeup looked chic, the weather was good. Worked in tandem with my beloved   Alina.Sepp

Read, be inspired and know that everything is possible.


When was the brand created? What inspired you to do this?

It all began with a desire to create, create …

In 2015 I was at the last year of the architectural faculty and at the same time in search of myself. I was attracted to fashion, not just as a form of something necessary, but as a means of conveying the state of the soul, emotions and feelings!

This form of expression for me was the underwear, the first set of which I made for myself! There was a big response to the social. networks, there were first orders.

Like this we created our art and creative studio, which was engaged in sewing of unconventional underwear. Approximately at the same time there were the first orders for sewing wedding dresses!

In 2016, already understanding in what style I want to work further, I release the first collection of wedding and evening dresses.

What motivates you to go forward?

Inspiration in every woman…

Creating images, I want to convey the purity and naturalness of female beauty … uniqueness, grace and grace …. restraint and endless romanticism of every girl.

We love our work and pay great attention to detail, creating images of total look – from underwear, boudoir to wedding dress, while complementing them with accessories from our collection!

We have long gone outside the city in which we live! Our dresses are scattered all over the world – from the USA to Vladivostok. Remote sewing – it’s not scary, if you feel that you understand! We also communicate, draw a sketch and discuss all the details, send samples of materials. After the conclusion of the contract, we send the instruction of the standards! Many brides arrive for fitting from other cities, but many models can be sewn remotely, only by the standards! We have corsetless, light dresses, so their sewing is quite possible remotely!

How and why did you decide to shoot the collection in Paris?

It was a dream that seemed far away. In Paris, there is the largest exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the house “Cristian Dior” – my eternal inspirer!
A new collection, as a reflection of this city and a declaration of love “Dior” …
Therefore, we decided to shoot our lookbook in Paris to show the whole picture of the story that we wanted to tell…

BRAND || Arina_Boganova_Design  @arina_boganova_design

MODEL || Eva Eliseeva  @foicenxiu

PHOTO || Alina.Sepp  @alina.sepp

MUAH || Maryna Gulevskaya  @marynagulevskaya.stylist