Interview with Alina Kravchenko. Travel studio "Hugge"

I have known you for a long time, as an open personality, very generous and radiant. I want to introduce you to my readers.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a girl from Dnepr, who recently turned 30. I have been searching  myself for a long time, I tried different directions and as a result I came to the conclusion that first of all, it is important to love and hear yourself. I do what I find interesting and I am good at it — traveling. Also, we bring up our son with my beloved husband.

What influenced your choice?

Love for travel and people. My first flight in 2007 was to Alaska. Then, I organized trips for our family and friends many times. I wondered why not delve into this area.

What do you love most?

I love to dream, travel, be in an interesting environment, eat tasty food.

 I know that you have a travel studio? How did you create it? How did you find like-minded people?

I worked at a travel agency, more and more understood how I imagine my business, what can I add, change in the approach. During this period, I received an offer from Sveta, my partner, to create a Hugge Travel Studio and we started to implement our project.

What is your studio has that others do not?

We get high from traveling and come back from them with a new experience and understanding of ourselves. It can be anything: rest on the beach, 5 cities in 3 days, mountains, festivals and much more. Everyone takes something new, beautiful, tasty, and this somehow affects the person and, consequently, the world around.

We called our Studio –  Hugge, because we really approach each client with care and love and, according to the request, we create for the person an atmosphere in which he feels good. It is a great pleasure for us to think over the details, because little things affect the overall impression of the trip.

Also, what is important, we are learning all the time, looking for new opportunities and tools that help save time and money of travelers ”

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the realization that we ourselves create our life, that nothing is impossible.I devote my time to what I want, which is freedom for me. I am inspired by people who are happy to be where they are now, each in his own role. It inspires when people decide on actions that are not typical for them and this changes life for the better. And, of course, traveling is the happiness to be on our planet and to have the opportunity to experience the endless diversity of cultures, nature and beautiful places.

How do you manage to be a mother, cook fresh every day and be a business woman?

I do not cook fresh every day, but often. I constantly try different methods: some are successful, others fail. Definitely “Yes”: ask for help, plan, involve the husband in household chores, take time for yourself. Definitely “No”: guilt, perfectionism, take it all on yourself, and I don’t want to do it through.

What are your favorite cities?

To call the city a favorite, you should live there for a while and get to know its real, not tourist. I really like Stockholm and Paris. In general, I love Italy.

Your mission

Be honest with yourself and people. To do what works well, to take care of loved ones.

And, the corporate question from the total beauty cafe, what is beauty for you?

Unexpectedly difficult question. Nature for me is always the embodiment of beauty. If with respect to a person it is internal energy, fullness, dedication and, possibly, my subjective criteria of external beauty.

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