Interview with actress Katerina Dar

My first autumn shooting in Paris began with the work of the unusually beautiful girl Catherine Dar. She’s so interesting that I fall in love with her in an hour of work. Her beauty is in her eyes, and the pure flow of pure her energy involved from the first minutes.
I’m sure that you will also fall in love with her and in the image that I created for her shooting Photographer was my beloved Alina.Sepp.

Katerina Dar – actress. 27 years old, married.


What influenced on the choice of your profession?

Become an actress is my childhood dream. I always adored the stage. My parents traveled a lot and at the age of four I went to the Cabaret in Thailand. The show was fantastic and lasted 4 hours, but I could not take my eyes off of all those eccentrical sparkles, feathers, masks. I realized that I myself, want to be a part of this show.

Success is an interesting word. It means “fast forward motion.” My big success is yet to come. But every day is a chain of small “successes” on the way to it. I’m happy to wake up every morning and realize that I adore the business I’m doing.


What inspires you and what moves you?

I am inspired by cities, paintings, architecture, beautiful clothes. Certainly, inspires, when the work done finds a response from the audience. A wave of human energy that “covers” you on bows is a drive!

Your mission?

I think one of my missions is to inspire myself, to give people joy.

Tell me, what are you doing now?

At the moment I’m participating in three plastic theater projects – it’s an immersive performance where we “dance” human fears, the play “Bald Singer” based on Ionesco’s play, where I play Ionesco himself without words using the comedy dell’arte techniques and a performance for the masterpieces of the world painting Anima Chroma.

How do you stay fit? Why did you change the diet?

My body is my instrument. I do yoga, run in the morning and walk a lot.

I have not eaten meat for 7 years, I do not drink alcohol and coffee at all, I limit myself to consumption of fish and dairy products for the last year and a half. For breakfast, I usually eat linseed porridge with nuts and honey, for lunch – dishes from kinoa, for dinner – vegetables and fruits. I love raw fruit bars as a snack. And I really like chocolate – it’s fast energy and good mood. I believe that the “clean” food for the actress is part of the profession.

Tell us about the role in French cinema?

This year I played a Russian actress Olga Ivanovska in the French film “Radio nuit Paris”. And this was real magic – from the very moment of approval. I passed samples on skype, for 8 months I learned my role in French with a teacher and talked and repeted my role with the director distantly. When I arrived in Paris, the city “swept” me with its magnificence, and these emotions added color to the character of my personage. It seems to me that it was the part of director’s idea – that my real enthusiasm “overlapped” the delight of my heroine.

Do you have any favorite places in Paris?

During the shooting, I walked a lot in Paris and, fortunately, I managed to plunge into an atypical Paris. I found hidden yards here, hidden streets. Particularly fond of the Marais district for its contrasts. Strong impression was the night walk on a motorbike trough Paris.

The city so flashed – I felt inside the paintings of the Impressionists.

What is beauty for you?

Beauty is faith, it is a movement in life according to its divine purpose. Beauty is humor, love, happiness, inner light.

What make you enjoy every day?

I enjoy every day of my life. I like to get up early, cook breakfast for my beloved husband, to walk to my theaters, go to cafes with parents and brothers, think through images, go on stage, give people energy and get it in return, go for tests, make movies, dress up, get flowers, dreaming, believe in miracles and planning to leave something behind’. ️



MODEL || Катерина Дар  @uragan_katrin

PHOTO || Alina.Sepp  @alina.sepp

MUAH || Maryna Gulevskaya  @marynagulevskaya.stylist

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