We Live As We Speak

Let’s talk about one of quite popular word in our vocabulary – “IF”!

❎ If they call me, I will accept the proposal.

❎ If I’m lucky and I’ll make a lot of money this season, I’ll go on vacation.

❎ If he makes me an offer – I will agree!

And now we will think over the meaning of this word. Every “if” is already a condition, and a kind of obstacle. So why do we create our own setups, and even voice them from day to day ?! Remember, when in the moment of sorrow someone strongly-strongly believed in you, motivated and inspired!

So just from these words I wanted to go “to conquer the world with great deeds”. Feel the difference! Words that are said cannot be taken back! So what do we send to Universe it will happen with us.

And if you know where to put it, then you do not need to catch the problems on your head!

I propose to replace every “IF” with “WHEN”:

✅ When they call me – I will accept the proposal!

✅ When I earn enough money, I will immediately go on vacation!

✅ When my boyfriend makes me an offer – I will agree!

Also, try to avoid the words “if”, since everything that is done according to duty, generates a subconscious desire to avoid it. Correctly express your desires with the positive intentions “I want”, “I choose”, “I decided”.

This especially applies to girls, because our energy is 16 times stronger than men’s. Therefore, we influence on events much more than men! So we are strong and we could create our life. Let’s be wiser !❤️

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