Femininity. Myth or Reality

I longed to write about femininity. This topic explodes Direct in the Instagram and the main question is how to find the balance?!

Of course, I will not explain everything that I give on the course Total beauty lab, this topic is a part of working on yourself in all five lessons of the course.

It unfortunately can not be done in an hour, you can not learn a couple of phrases and become more feminine, you can not dress up in skirts and dresses and become a Goddess! All these are just attributes.

Femininity is a deep and strong state. This is an extraordinary and invisible power, which God has given us, having presented the incarnation of a woman.

Read carefully the previous two sentences and think about it?! If it does not cling to you in any way, it is not your condition, if there is nervousness and inner concern this is also not your condition.

The state of femininity is a state of comfort from the realization that:

  • that a woman is weaker than a man;
  • that a woman get married, stands behind him, next to him, and not ahead of him;
  • this state of deep and strong self-confidence and its feminine power;
  • this is the ability to manage events and realize their dreams;
  • this is the ability to create an energy of abundance and a sense of protection in your home and your family;
  • this is the ability to give energy to people, thinking about them well;
  • it is a connection with higher powers and developed intuition.

And every woman has all of this, for someone can completely incomprehensible list of qualities!

Now I will explain on examples, very vital. A couple of days ago we were walking and discussed with my husband that the success of a man totally depends on his woman. And here he says the phrase “And if the family is a very successful woman, then the man turns into a faithful dog.” Of course, we talked about business, and about global goals. My husband does not know about any laws of nature that I’m talking about in my workshops, nor about the law of balance, I do not dedicate it to these details, but he can assume that when a woman is at the helm, she is already “Man”, and part of the success and energy takes away from her husband.

Let’s dispel the myth. If I want to be feminine, I do not have to work. You need to walk in skirts, go for women’s courses, singing, take vocal classes, yoga and read prayers 😝

There must be an awareness that if you want to steer your family fully, then do not be offended at your husband, that he is an asshole and can not do anything. You have already taken from him the role of a man and the steering wheel too. And until you give and do not give in, then so will “I will do by myself “, by yourself you will do anything, always and everywhere!”

Rule number one – consciously trust the man to take care of you, your family and your well-being!
Do not help a man! Do not lend him money, do not spare him. Do not do a job for him, do not make it out of him. It is a man’s nature to strain and to achieve.

Rule number two is to believe in his power. Believe that he will do everything for you!
If you are so smart and just an amateur to argue, this is a man’s role. Guys do not like this. Of course you can put pressure on a man, if you need something for the family, for the cause. But do not bite him every five minutes, that you are smart, and he is dumb. If you are talking on topics in which he is not an ace, then just share, tell, read and enrich knowledge together. Carry the information so that you are in a dialogue, not a dispute.

Rule three – do not compete and do not be clever.
A woman is not a robot or a horse! She can not plow, she has another organism, another hormonal and energy system. She can work in pleasure, only then she will have energy for the family, only then she will feel filled and loving and only then she can give.

Rule four – work for yourself, do it with pleasure and be successful in your business, properly distributing your resources. How to do it, just feel ❤️🙏

Rule five – listen to yourself and your thoughts. Follow your desires, enrich yourself with knowledge and track everything in your life by applying it in practice! This is the only way to achieve the feeling of being cared for and loved. That you are a woman and you are fragile. That you are gentle and affectionate. And that you are strong, when you want something. And a strong woman can only be in her faith, and in her thoughts!