Chocolate fondant without additional sugar


You left so much comments for my chocolate fondant. I decided to share a recipe!

Honestly, I do not like to cook desserts with sugar at home. Yes, and I do not have sugar, if there is a coconut for my husband, he adds half a spoon to the tea.

I decided that I didn’t want to bother myself, it never really worked before with my chocolate fondant anyway. Well, this is my husband’s favorite dessert, and from time to time I cook it. This time  I read 10 different recipes, and created my own.


▪️ Chocolate bar for baking (we had milk chocolate for baking);

▪️ 2 tbsp of coconut oil (look for quality of the oil, the taste of your fondant depends on it);

▪️ 2 tablespoons cocoa (added due to milk chocolate);

▪️ 3 eggs;

▪️ 2 tablespoons flour (I had bran flour);

▪️ a half bag of baking powder (about 6 grams).


Chocolate drown in a bath and add coconut oil to it, plus I added cocoa due to the fact that we had milk chocolate. Beat eggs with a mixer, I did not separate the yolks from the white. Into eggs add flour and baking powder.  With milk chocolate, the dessert is really sweet, so you do not need additional sugar!

Remove the chocolate from the bath and add the liquid part from with eggs. Stir well. Silicone molds well sprinkled with flour and put in a preheated oven 200 degrees for 8 minutes.

It is ideal time and temperature for cooking. Chocolate will melt inside and will not spill out.

You could also add the vanilla and cinnamon.

Serve when it is warm. Bon appétit 🖤