But First, Self Love

It’s not strange that the topic on which I have done my first webinar about 3 years ago is relevant every day, and it’s probably worth talking about it more often.

How not to afraid the future?

How not to be afraid of old age, loneliness, poverty?

How not afraid to be alone?

How not to be a victim in a relationship?

How not afraid that your partner will leave you ?

This is all self love.

So, what you need to do to love yourself, absorbed and grew in us.

First, accept yourself as the greatest being on the planet, as a woman, as the creator of life. Only a woman can give birth and this is grace and a huge mission on this planet.

How to accept yourself ? 

The word « accept » sounds very simple, but difficult in execution.

Prepared for you a practice that will help heal, and give strength, and for someone else will be a turning point.

Retire to a comfortable beautiful place where no one will interfere. Find just 10 minutes for yourself. Put one hand on the chest, the other just below the navel. Say to yourself deeply : “I am a woman.” And wait: What responds to the body that responds inside?

Where does it hurt?

Or maybe you are sad?

Where is shrinking?

Or maybe you wanna cry?

Where does the body groan?

1. Letting go – we breathe where it hurts, and we say to ourselves “I recognize and accept you, you are an integral part of me. I love you”. Exhale all the pain. Through breathing we work our body clips.

2. You can repeat several times. If it does not go, stop, cry, do what the body wants. Drink warm herbal tea and continue the practice on another day.

3. Doing the practice in order to do it is not worth it. We heal ourselves and love ourselves and take care of ourselves. Making an incredible contribution to your women’s health.

4. In this way, we accept the injured part of ourselves, the one that suffered a “wreck” over time due to different life moments.

5. You do the practice as long as the inside of the words “I am a woman” will be poured over a golden waterfall of love, joy, lightness and warmth.

6. When you attain bliss, you can do this practice for the purpose of filling. Breathe and take every cell of your body in the female incarnation, thank yourself and be filled with feminine energy, beauty, joy, sexuality.

7. Enter this state. Accept that a woman is not a machine for the production of children, and not a house worker. Woman is beauty. This is a beautiful and powerful energy, a certain number of times stronger than male. Which is able to give, and from which everything comes. Remember, when mom is not in the mood – explosion at home.

8. Accept that the strength of a woman is in her weakness, in her acceptance, and not at all in how much she earns, and how smartly she manages to do business and how much cooler she is of her partner, boyfriend, husband, neighbor and everyone around.

9. Accept that the power of a woman is in peace and confidence that all is well. That it is under the protection of higher powers, the universe, all that is close to you.

10. And most importantly, develop your faith! Belief in life and that you are protected, you have nothing to fear. This will give you tremendous self-confidence in your own universe.

As soon as you realize that everything in this life is for you,  and stop arguing, any doubts from your head will start to disappear. Love you❤