Bath - the best cure to chill

One of my favorite traditions, from far childhood is a sauna, in Ukraine and Russia we call it banya! I do not know about you, but my friend Natalie and I when we were 7 or 8 years old, have been already in love with this procedure! Well, that’s how we developed love with a sauna, with a first smile at first sight…

Bathroom accessories

And every weekend we went to the bath, more often on some Saturday evening, then drank tea with honey. And later our friend built a new bathhouse and we went to him, even a couple of years in a row we met New Year there, decorated the guest room and bathed before the new year, as in an old famous Russian comedy The irony of fate, or enjoy your bath… If you are not prone to heart disease, you have no problems with pressure, inclination to couperose and other chronic diseases in the presence of which you can not go to the bath, then we will plunge into the world of magical effects of bath!

Why a bath can become your best friend:

The first and for me probably the most valuable, the sauna cleans the energy, which means it kills your bad mood, spleen and you have a feeling of purity and lightness, freshness and inspiration. If you sometimes have neuroses and tantrums, go to the bath, this is the best proven recipe! Take care of your husband and his nerves.

Second, it is a paradise for the skin and the body in total, relax your muscles (if you love gym, love the bath and your body will find a new quality).

With a temperature regime of 60-90 degrees, sweating is intensified, pores are opened, and together with sweat harmful toxins and toxins are removed from the body of the woman. Under the influence of high temperatures, exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin with dead cells takes place, the skin is enriched with oxygen.

The skin becomes elastic, taut, smooth, and very beautiful!

It can be a great tradition and an occasion to gather with girls, every Wednesday to organize a bath day, a women’s company and women’s energy will contribute to a good restoration of your energy system at all levels.

Vine is better to leave for another occasion, choose the herbal teas, face masks and body scrubs.

Every time you exit the steam room, allow the body to cool down, and drink a minimum of a glass of water or warm tea. And if you are in a bath complex and change the types of paired, be sure to cool the body under a cool shower, cool down and only then go to the next room.

From the quality of the skin of the face and body, you will enjoy it, I guarantee. Still take essential oils to add in a water and to splash on stones, also tit is super healthy for respiratory system and on top of that you will strengthen immunity system!

This is everything for now. About my special bath rituals I’ll tell you before the new year! Enjoy your sauna procedures and be beautiful:)