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We, I hope you, too, are very pleased that the project TOTAL BEAUTY CAFE has finally started as an internet space where you can find useful information about beauty and about it in all spheres of life. It’s usually in the cafe
we get together and communicate with friends on topics witch are interesting for us and have fun, and here there will be interesting topics for girls, only in a virtual cafe!

The idea of ​​the site appeared long times ago, but its personalization was constantly postponed, because I really did not know in what order to start acting, what to do with this site, domain and hosting, design and programming, SEO and promotion strategy – thoughts about everything This confused me.

But my friend Elena Emelyanova (linkedin) is very good at this. She has more than 3 years of experience working in the IT field to create, launch and maintain business projects: online shopping, e-commerce site, one-page sites.

When Lena agreed to become the producer of my project, I felt comfortable and was not afraid (as before) to start. It should be noted that with Lena is calm in any situation, she has a special ability to objectively evaluate the case and give birth to a clear plan of logical actions. With her everything goes without unnecessary fuss and nerves. We always had the same tastes and views, so I fully trusted her, Lena loves the highest class in everything and therefore she makes only classy things.

Producer and IT director of TOTAL BEAUTY CAFE Elena Emelyanova helps to pack my knowledge, skills, hobbies in an interesting Internet project and develop it. Lena works with programmers and designers, squeezing out of them all these “adaptations”, “creativity” and gives out a product that causes delight!

To create and scale your business from the very beginning correctly – you need a strategy, the necessary knowledge and marketing tools. I’m lucky that for this I have Elena Emelyanova 🙂

As you understand, nothing would have happened, if not for our team, in which everyone is a master of his craft. Successful projects are not created alone, and TOTAL BEAUTY CAFE is the result of teamwork.

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