Holidays in Paris. Where to live, what to watch and must visited places of dream-city. Part 1

Recently, more often I have been asked to tell you in which district of Paris it’s better to stay for a vacation, where to eat, where to go and what is better to visit to feel like Parisian 😉 Today in Total Beauty Cafe (take your sit with cup of tea) and find out the answers to all those questions about the city of your dream. So, let’s go:


1. In which part of the city is it most convenient to stop, to have all must visited places nearby? Within the budget of course)).

To choose accommodation in Paris, it is better to go on Airbnb , especially if you want to choose a budget option. Apartment for two can start from 48 euros. It should be noted that some owners offer a discount for booking from 5 days. So if you get together for 7 days, it’s very nice. For this price, most likely it will be a small, but cozy apartment. The French know how to accommodate everything, and even more, in 25 square meters … 😂

When you accidentally stumbled upon a nice apartment on Le Marais (3rd and 4th district) in the Madeleine area or Concorde square (8th district) – you need to take it! Sacré Cœur ❤️  (18th) – a little bit far, but also very atmospheric. The areas of the Efel Tower (7th) and the Arc de Triomphe (8th) are very nice.

I love Paris for the atmosphere in every corner.

I live in the 6th district, not far from the Luxembourg park. In the early 17th century, Maria de ‘Medici built the Luxembourg Palace, where the French Senate is located now.

2. Where is it good to eat?

This question deserves a separate article! A couple of suggestions are not enough here, we’ll return to this in the next articles, but in order not to miss the outputs of new articles – subscribe to the site – be the first to know the events …)

3. What transport should I get from / to the airport? What kind of transport is more convenient to travel around the city?

From the airport taxi will cost you 60 euros and more, depending on the traffic. A queue of taxi cars is on the way out of each terminal. Uber cheaper – 50 euros.


Air France shuttle bus, comfortable buses, which will cost you 17 euros one way and 30 euros for both side. The bus schedule and the place of arrival can be checked on the link.

Rossi bus CDG – metro station Opera, the heart of Paris. The price is 12,5 euros. The journey takes 45-60 minutes.

Buses # 350 CDG – metro station Gare de L’est. The journey time is 70 minutes, the price is 6 euros.

Bus # 351 CDG – metro station Nation. One of the advantages – cheap 6 euros, minus – it is super long, 90 minutes

From Orly airport, the only way to get to the center of Paris is the buses Le Bus Direct. They provide a link between Orly airport and the center of Paris (Gare Montparnasse, Etoile / Champs-Élysée).

The price is 12 euros and 20 euros in both directions. Schedule check here.

If you are 2-3 people – it is more convenient to go by taxi.

4. Travel around the city.

Tickets for the metro, a bus around the city can be bought at any metro station. The ticket for both the metro and the bus is the same. Always take 10 tickets (carnet) for a price of 14.90 euros, and the price of one ticket is 1.90 euros. If you need to travel by bus, you can buy a ticket at the entrance for 2 euros.

For those who arrive for 7 days, from Monday to Sunday you can buy a travel card for 22 euros.

The price for short trips to the Uber pool, can be from 5 euros – so if you have sat in a restaurant, – order Uber. Rest in comfort.

The special offer of the Paris travel card is quite interesting. It should be calculated depending on the number of days of stay and the desired places to visit. You can get discounts of 20-30% for visiting museums, Disneyland, Versailles.


Navigation applications:, citymapper.

It is worth mentioning that the streets in Paris are not located in parallel one by one, but diverge in the form of rays from the triumphal arch.


5. What are the main places worth seeing in Paris?

Sacré Cœur is the first place to go. The church is of extraordinary beauty, the accordion sounds on the streets and the view of the city is fascinating. This was the first place where my husband took me … It’s very romantic.



Triumphal arch in the heart of the Champs Elysees. It is always worth it to climb, because from it you have wonderful view.


Bridge Alexandra de III, this bridge is a work of art. One of the favorite places.

In the evening you can go to Trocadero Square, book Café du Trocadéro with a view of the Eiffel Tower and see how it lights up, at this moment it is especially beautiful.


Notre Dame is definitely worth a look, go inside and climb up!



  • Louvre – for lovers of the cultural program, it is worth it all day. The museum is huge, many halls. The museum has free wi-fi, in case you are lost) Price: 15 euros.


  • Musée d’Orangerie. I like such museums. Very compact both in size and in content. When you left it and you still remember what you have seen. Here you can see the famous Here you can see the famous water lilies Monet. Price: from 9 euros.
  • Musée d’Orsay, a museum in the building of the former railway station. Love Impressionists, this place is for you. The price is 12 euros.
  • Louis Vuitton foundation. It is a bit far from center. The building itself is beautiful. Now and till March 5, 2018 there is an exhibition of MoMa, which I liked more than in NY. Modern art is a very delicate thing, so everything that is collected in Paris is accessible to me and understandable. The price is 22 euros.
  • Centre Pompidou is a bestseller of contemporary art. A lot of halls, shocking and surprising objects, an unusual building. The center, in contrast to the Louis Vuitton foundation, is conveniently located. It is located not far from the Hôtel de Ville and on the way to the le Marais quarter. The price is 14 euros.


And here are the 3 most significant places for me to change Paris, where I would take first:

  • Montmartre. Already mentioned above. Love so much!
  • Jardin du Luxembourg and the Medici fountain, indisputably favorite and most beautiful park. I love there every corner.
  • Eglise Saint Sulpice, the square with a fountain near the church reminds me of Italy, it is not typical Paris. For me this place is clear, bright and majestic.





Write in the comments below the article, what else is interesting to learn about Paris (and not only about it:))