About me

My name is Marina Gulevskaya-Armoudom and I’m 26.
For the past 6 years I was taking care about the beauty of women and girls, creating beautiful looks by makeup and hairstyles.

Even as a child, I played with my mother’s cosmetics, always with a thoughtful look examined the appearance of women, thinking about how to improve something, and something to emphasize. It must have led me to where I am now. Each for me was beautiful. I always looked at the strengths of women – whether it was chic hair, amazing eyes, or a stunning female shape and always knew that it could be beautifully “served”!
I’m not about “inflatable” beauty, popular in our time. Injections of beauty are not what will make your life better.
Who knows me, knows
A woman is like a candy. We are all so smart, we hurry to the streets of the city to conquer the world, and when we come home we take the “candy wrapper”. And here we are real chocolate sweets, on which white plaque, a plague of doubts in themselves and their beauty, who get used to skilfully defend the wrapper.

I don’t know how many hundreds of women passed through my “beauty chair” on the make-up and hairstyle ritual, but each had its own “scurf,” “its own problem,” “its own pain.”
And you know, I thought that I always have time to open a beauty salon, but to help you to become beautiful internally, to gain self-confidence and freedom you need to start now! To do this, I opened a cafe – Total Beauty Cafe!

Welcome to the space of Total Beauty Cafe! It’s a project about beauty in all spheres of life.

Let’s go, it will be interesting! I promise!

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