5 romantics movies for this summer

I do not know about you, but I very carefully choose films for watching. It’s not enough for me that the movie was just ridiculous, or had an unexpected ending. The picture, in my opinion, should catch, inspire and give cause for reflection.

The environment, the books I read, the people I talked to, made me romantic in nature, and if after the words: “melodrama,” “adventure,” “feelings,” and “relationships,” you do not say: “noooo …” a selection of films for you:

1) “A Walk to Remember” – ​​yes, it’s this familiar film. It’s a masterpiece! And if suddenly you did not watch it, or watched it a long time. You should do it again, you will not regret it!


2) “About Time” – a little fiction, a lot of real feelings and love. Under the soundtrack from this movie, I was getting married!


3) “The Notebook” – I know that girls love movies about rich boys and poor girls, but in this film it’s the other way around! Interesting, huh?


4) “The Painted Veil” – he fell in love with her at first sight, and she married him because it was just time to get married, but one journey changed the attitude of the heroine to her husband forever!


5) “The Longest Ride” – I will quote from the movie: “To love means to sacrifice, but it’s worth it”.



Romantic five movies for Total Beauty Cafe

picked up by Valery Arsenenko