10 movies for December

In December, each of us is waiting for a miracle, waiting for something new and magical!

We would like quickly finish all the work and hurry up home to our families, drinking hot chocolate with gingerbread and where tangerine bucket is waiting for you .

The new year is so close, and his magical atmosphere we should enjoy right now!

We have prepared a selection of 10 holiday family movies witch will bring you to a holiday mood:

New Year’s Eve (2011)


Four Christmases (2008)


The family man (2000)


The family stone (2005)


Beauty and the beast (2017)


Surviving Christmas (2004)


The holiday (2006)


Kate & Léopold (2001)


Love actually (2003)



Love the Coopers (2015)


Enjoy your movies and may a miracle happen to you in this new year!